SMOS+STORM Evolution Database Access

The datasets produced by SMOS+Storm include:

  • Level 2 (satellite swaths) datasets : wind speed estimated from MIRAS onboard SMOS (2010-2016) and AMSR2 onboard GCOM-W1, one file per orbit
  • Level 3 datasets : daily composite of SMAP  wind speed obervations (2015-2016), one file per day for ascending passes and descending passes
  • the SMOS Storm atlas : a database of subsets of a wide range of altimeters, radiometers and scatterometers products over hurricane tracks from 2010 to 2015. The extracted data are ordered by storm generation basin, year, storm name / identifier, satellite / product.

User Data Manuals for these products together with the data are available through FTP.

To connect, you first need to get an account: please fill in this short form and you will get immediate access credentials. Then go to and log in with the identifier and password provided to you. Go to smos/smosstorm repository and you will see the forementioned datasets.

The SMOS+Storm atlas is also accessible with the following image browser, including access links to the data in Netcdf format:

For any access issue, please contact CERSAT help desk (