SMOS+STORM related talks given at international Scientific Conferences

SMOS+STORM Evolution Talks & Posters

application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation Talk given at EGU 2014 "Severe MarineWeather Studies using SMOS L-band Sensor" by Nicolas Reul, Bertrand Chapron and Elizaveta Zabolotskikh


at Microrad 2014: Zabolotskikh, E. Mitnik, L. ;  Reul, N. ;  Chapron, B. New possibilities for geophysical parameter retrievals opened by GCOM-W1 AMSR2, 13th Specialist meeting on Microwave and Remote Sensing of the Environment (MicroRad), March 24-27 2014, Pasadena, USA.


SMOS+STORM Feasibility Study Talks

application/pdf Talk "Sea Surface Salinity remote sensing from Space: A new tool to monitor the oceanic freshwater cycle" given by N.Reul at the International Space Science Institute workshop on the Earth's hydrological cycle (Bern 6-10 February 2012)